Roger Waters And The Politics Of Pink Floyd

Roger Waters At The TMobile Arena In Las Vegas

A friend recently posted a meme with Roger Waters in it, to which another friend replied “His politics are worse than Trump!”. Now, I know Roger Waters is not shy about his political views, but suffice it to say, I was a little caught off guard by that statement. If anything, Roger is a warrior against oppression, a humanitarian, and someone who believes war is failure. So how exactly is that worse than Donald Trump? So I said to the “worse than Trump” poster, I assume you are not a Pink Floyd fan then? Or maybe you liked the music but not the lyrics? He said “LOL! No, I’m a huge fan, I just don’t like Roger Waters’ personal politics”. Then he said “He compared Israel to Nazi Germany”!

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What Is Lying? A Guide For Republicans And Other Children

What Is Lying?

It’s been about six months since wonderboy took office and he’s has plenty of time to expose the reality of who he is. As if we didn’t already know that. Month after month and week after week, it becomes more evident that Donald Trump is in fact, nothing more than a liar. He did it constantly doing his campaign. Is Hillary in jail? Where’s the healthcare plan that covers everybody and lowers prices? No wall? No coal minors jobs? What happened to all the things that Trump voters were promised? Poof! They’re gone. And yet, it’s almost as if none of that is actually happening. His supporters STILL support him and STILL blame liberals for everything that isn’t happening. Even more bizarrely, they’re blaming Hillary and Obama again. Someone who was never president and someone who isn’t anymore are somehow to blame for Trump’s impotence. But I think it’s much more simple than that. It think the problem is straightforward and not evil at all. I think the problem is that Republicans don’t know how to recognize lies. They’re like a small child who trusts everything their parents say. Their party is their parents.

So, to help Republicans and other small children recognize when someone is lying, we’ve created this handy guide. It helps to explain lying, why people lie, and why you should suspect the motivations of anyone who refuses to be truthful or masks the truth. Even your own political party. Even your own mom and dad!

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What Happened To Your Deeply Held Beliefs?

Hobby Lobby Morality Center
Many of you will remember that not so long ago, Hobby Lobby sued America for forcing them to violate their “deeply held beliefs” by paying for the health care coverage that included “women’s contraception”. It seems that Hobby Lobby didn’t want to pay for women to prevent pregnancy, since they’re only supposed to be having sex for procreation anyway. By giving them “free” contraception, Hobby Lobby felt it was “participating” in sin. Please note that this is not at all similar to the way a gun shop owner is participating in murder when he sells a gun to someone who kills someone with it. Guns are a right. Sex is not.

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Almost Former Governor Of New Jersey Is Extremely Shy

Not Actually Governor Chris Christie On A Beach

Maybe you’ve been busy meditating and somehow missed the news about the nearly former governor of New Jersey languishing on a beach he had closed to the public? Well, even if so, let us bring you up to date and fill you in on what’s really going on. You’re going to read a lot of news stories and analysis on what the scandal-ridden and cast aside governor did, but it’s all wrong! We know the truth about the Mr Christie’s actual motivations and we’re here to set the record straight!

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