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Roger Waters And The Politics Of Pink Floyd

A friend recently posted a meme with Roger Waters in it, to which another friend replied “His politics are worse than Trump!”. Now, I know Roger Waters is not shy about his political views, but suffice it to say, I

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Hobby Lobby Morality Center
deeply held beliefs

What Happened To Your Deeply Held Beliefs?

Many of you will remember that not so long ago, Hobby Lobby sued America for forcing them to violate their “deeply held beliefs” by paying for the health care coverage that included “women’s contraception”. It seems that Hobby Lobby didn’t

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Al Franken

Al Franken Is No Joke

Senator Al Franken is not kidding when he spouts his knowledge-based facts. This has made him the nemesis of many Republicans who want to drive a predetermined narrative, for example, that Global Warming either doesn’t exist of isn’t caused by

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Words That Astonish

I’ve known about politics for a long time. I understand the point of politicking is to sway minds and votes in one direction or another. To me it’s always seemed like the highest form of lying, if there is such

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