Biden Is Clearly A Winner In The Polls

Joseph Biden

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It’s a week until the official vote and Joe Biden seems to be a clear winner. At least going by the poll numbers, Joseph Biden will become the 46th President of the United States. And sure, that does not mean it will become a reality. We all remember what happened that last time. Still, there are clear indicators that this is not 2016, and that the pollsters have learned their lessons and are reflecting the truth picture much more accurately than before.

What About Turbulence?

Don’t expect everything to go smoothly. At least not on the surface. Trump will need scapegoats for realizing the karma of his abject failure. This one is the biggest of his life, so he will no doubt pull out his most hideousness clown costume and blame everyone and everything but himself. Exactly like he always does, but turned up to eleven.

Don’t Buy The Song and Dance!

America is not broken. Our system still works, in spite of what the insane clown posse wants you to think. Rhetoric is all they have. Don’t believe it. Keep your eyes on the prize and stay away from trying to convince the losers that you’re right and they are wrong. They will never buy it. Ever. The cult mentality is tough to penetrate. But don’t let it penetrate you either. Don’t buy that song and dance.

Stay Human!

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