GOP “Pro-life” Party Trying Desperately To Kill Off Those In Need

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Not Even Human was the name we chose for this blog in the wake of Donald Trump Jr’s assertion that those who oppose his father “Aren’t even people”. “Not Even Human” describes the way we feel as people who don’t matter to the Republican establishment. It’s an excellent name for a blog that outlines how the GOP acts towards poor people and liberals in general. We’re not people. We’re not even human. How can we say that? Because it’s the only way you can explain how the GOP can promote a healthcare plan that literally kills people and call it an “improvement”.

Since Nixon It’s All About The Money

Before Nixon came to power, it was illegal for corporations to profit from the healthcare business. Ever since that change, we have watched healthcare organizations grow and prosper into the massively huge and powerful corporations. These wealthy corporations, of which profit is the primary driver, send lobbyists to Washington to pay money to elected officials to pass legislation to help improve their profits further. They also spend their profits on marketing to change your mind so you will approve of the new laws that will help them improve their profits even more. They also fund political “non-profits” that endorse and promote candidates who will pass laws that will, again, help them improve their profits.

Death Or Taxes

With an immoral for-profit healthcare system firmly in place in the United States, it’s unlikely that we will ever get away from the political forces that distort the reality of healthcare in our country. The current GOP healthcare “replacement” offers no discounted rates to anybody, even Trump voters, and gives a massive tax break to the wealthy. This is exactly the same overall plan that the GOP has offered every single time they’ve tried to repeal the ACA. Quite simply, they would rather save money for themselves even if people die because of it. And they will die. Hundreds of thousands of people who need the ACA and Medicare just to survive, will lose their lifeline and be left with nothing to replace it.

The GOP does not represent “pro-life” values. They never have been the “moral majority”. That’s all a spin to hide who they really are. They are the money first party. And you get nothing. Ever!

Not Even Human


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