Mueller Expanding Russia Collusion Probe To Include Trump Business Transactions

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Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who is leading the investigation into the Trump administration’s potential collusion with Russia during the 2016 Presidential Election, has announced that he will be expanding his prob to include potential violations of the law in Trump’s business dealing as well. This news comes on the heels of Trump’s direct threat against Mueller for doing that very thing only yesterday. Whether or not Mueller’s decision to expand the probe is response to Trump’s threat remains to be seen. However, there is no mistaking the timing.

Here Comes The Discrediting Of A Good Man

Any minute now we’ll begin to hear about how Robert Mueller as so anti Trump and out to get him. Trump and his paid bullhorns will scream about how Mueller is a liar who relies on fake information. This gut-wrenching propaganda will be repeated on right-wing mouthpieces thought the GOP crap-o-sphere. All in the hopes of throwing enough shade on Mueller that Trump supporters will doubt him and hopefully see him as the enemy. This is truly sad for anyone who believes in decency and the law. Robert Mueller is a man of the law. A good man who deserves respect, even if it doesn’t suit the president. The law is above all.

Shades Of Watergate Except Much Much Worse

When Nixon and his cabal decided to hire some common criminals to break into the Democratic Headquarters and steal information, they were trying to win the election. It was a stupid mistake on Nixon’s art, since the polls were showing him as the winning already. McGovern was a largely ineffective opponent. Nixon was already seen as the stronger of the two. So instead of finishing out his second term, he eventually resigned in disgrace in order to avoid impeachment.

Donald Trump is not Richard Nixon. Nixon was a lifelong politician who made a stupid mistake and paid the price. Trump is a criminal who is colluding with a foreign government who we consider to be an adversary for his own personal financial benefit. They helped him win and in return he is doing their bidding. This isn’t about winning an election so you can drive a political agenda. This is winning to drive a financial agenda and using a political party to help make it happen. Trump would get billions for his crimes. The GOP would get SCOTUS seat, an Obamacare repeal and massive tax breaks for the wealthy for allowing Trump to commit his crimes.

Will There Ever Be Any Accountability?

It remains to be seen what will be uncovered, what will be told, and what, if anything, Trump will be held accountable. He was right when he said that he could shoot somebody and people would still support him. It’s possible that Mueller will uncover evidence so damning that Trump should go to jail as a traitor. But no matter what he finds, it remains the duty of congress and the American people to hold him accountable. Given how his campaign went, his surprise election, and his complete impotence being seen by his supporters as “triumphant”, it’s possible that nothing at all will happen. Except of course that America will continue to die.

Trans Rights Are Human Rights

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