Words That Astonish

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I’ve known about politics for a long time. I understand the point of politicking is to sway minds and votes in one direction or another. To me it’s always seemed like the highest form of lying, if there is such a thing. We all know that politics is practically little more than made up realities and ideals. But at least in my own lifetime, I’ve never experienced the kind of political rhetoric we see today. It’s one thing to say “Bill Clinton is a lying cheating womanizer!”. It’s quite another when the words castigate races of people or entire political groups. Words like those are not only intended to sway votes, they are intended to divide people against each other. By dividing people, it becomes easier to manipulate and control them. Control is the end game for our current administration and for his very supportive congress.

Democrats Are “Not Even People”

On the surface, a rational human being would see or hear a statement like that and simply dismiss it as nonsense. But words like those are not intended to be heard on that level. Saying someone is “not even people” communicates on a much deeper level. Certainly there are those who are such fans of the current president that they will simply take those words to heart. But in broader sense, even those Trump supporters who would dismiss that statement on the surface are affected by it and many more statements just like it. Over time, the cumulative affect makes its way into the psyche of every person who hears it. Every person who hears it is affected by it to some degree or another. It’s not as simple as some agree and some don’t. To think otherwise is to be naive.

Minimizing The Real Majority

The current cult mentality exhibited by Trump supporters is nothing new to the GOP. Republicans have always been excellent at sticking together, even when their POTUS credibility and honestly is in real doubt. Those who disagree would be well served by studying Watergate and seeing the broader story there with open eyes. The truth is that liberals outnumber conservatives in America and that reality is becoming more true each day. This makes liberals a real danger to the Republican party and to the America they envision. The only way they can survive is through the politics of division. They must minimize the power of the real majority or they will be overcome and overwhelmed by liberal voters.

Is It True That Anything Goes In Politics?

I once heard a story about Lyndon Johnson when he was running for state office. At some point during his campaign he suggested putting out a press release hinting of the existence of a rumor that his opponent may have had sexual relations with a horse. When called on it by his press secretary, LBJ said “Well then you better prepare an apology too”. Underhanded and mean politics are nothing new to America. The question is, do we want to have our nation led by people who will attack their opponents while trying to win but whose ambitions are noble, or do we want to be led by people who want to divide us and control us by creating demons out of those we disagree with? In my view, the latter leaves us all under the control of someone else and their priorities instead of any of us getting the America we really want. The first one, uncomfortable as it may be, is more true to American politics and reflects the scrappy and ugly tradition that is the good old American way.

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