What Happened To Your Deeply Held Beliefs?

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Hobby Lobby Morality Center
Many of you will remember that not so long ago, Hobby Lobby sued America for forcing them to violate their “deeply held beliefs” by paying for the health care coverage that included “women’s contraception”. It seems that Hobby Lobby didn’t want to pay for women to prevent pregnancy, since they’re only supposed to be having sex for procreation anyway. By giving them “free” contraception, Hobby Lobby felt it was “participating” in sin. Please note that this is not at all similar to the way a gun shop owner is participating in murder when he sells a gun to someone who kills someone with it. Guns are a right. Sex is not.

Lying About Faith Is Profitable And Fun

The fun part of suing for a reason like “faith” is that you don’t have to actually show that you are faithful. You can just say it and accuse someone of violating your beliefs. Your actions with regards to your own stated beliefs are irrelevant. Satan could sue saying that he loves Jesus and that gay people offend him. Boom! No gay people in Hell. This is well evidenced by the reality that Hobby Lobby is essentially practicing immorality on an ongoing basis. How? By buying goods from countries that practice forced abortions. Mind you, there can be no more immoral contraception than that. It practices immorality by using millions of dollars to smuggle ancients artifacts out of other countries for it’s own “religious” purposes.

It’s hard to explain why people are willing to tolerate this. In the end, corporations and companies that use “deeply held beliefs” as a way to avoid paying for something that the rest of America must then pick up the tab for is itself immoral. When immoral companies like Hobby Lobby can sue America for violating beliefs that they themselves do not demonstrate, it’s a fraud perpetrated on all citizens. It’s nothing more than using God to steal from others. When those companies then go on to benefit from their fraud and to continue to ignore their own stated morality, our country suffers and we all suffer. Nobody is helped by this except those who commit the fraud.

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