Al Franken Is No Joke

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Senator Al Franken is not kidding when he spouts his knowledge-based facts. This has made him the nemesis of many Republicans who want to drive a predetermined narrative, for example, that Global Warming either doesn’t exist of isn’t caused by human activity. Whereas most senators in that camp repeat what their lobbyists tell them, Franken has a long-lived reputation for employing an entire team of fact finders to double-check the validity of everything he affirms.

Mr Smith Goes To Washington

Since coming to D.C., Senator Franken has largely maintained his lightheartedness, even in the face of broad disdain from conservatives. In fact it is his adherence to facts that earns the contempt they hold for him.  But that lighthearted reputation is complimented by a huge dose of bravery as well. It disguises a man who is not afraid to confront whatever he sees as false. Take for example this exchange with Rick Perry, acting head of the EPA. When Senator Franken informed Mr Perry that the conclusion of a team of climate science skeptics funded by Charles and David Koch, Mr Perry angrily responded: “To stand up and say that 100 percent of global warming is because of human activity, I think on its face, is just indefensible.”

“humans are entirely the cause” of recent global warming

America is served well by people like senator Franken. In many ways he is like the Mr Smith who went to Washington. We need more people just like him, who have the principles and the ethics to look beyond self-interest to the welfare of all.


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