Trump Fires EPA Science Advisers To Make America Great

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In his never ending quest to make America great again, the currently acting “precedent” of America has decided that the EPA does not need to be advised by actual scientists anymore. By not-renewing their posts, the EPA will not have to wade through all the boring facts these people have brought to the table in the past, and which ultimately led to policies and laws protecting useless land and natural resources and hurting businesses that wanted to exploit it for profit.

Protecting Natural Resources Keeps America From Being Great

By it’s latest move, the Trump administration has sent a clear signal to the science world that facts and reality will no longer be tolerated. We must instead adhere to a doctrine which implores us to exploit everything to make money regardless of the impact on the Earth and the people who live there. Finally we have a leader who understands that rich people are smarter and knows how to exploit that wisdom to his our benefit.

This One Is Not Like The Others

As each day passes, it becomes clearer that a new sheriff is in town and that he’s not like the old sheriffs at all. This one makes up the laws, makes up the reality, and makes up the facts. Soon America will be made up great. And what’s really hard to understand about something being “made up great” is that there are so many Americans who wont even question it. They’ll believe that made up great is the same as actual great and wonder why the rest of us keep denying it.

Play while you can, boys and girls. Enjoy your natural resources before they’re brought to you by Walmart. It’s happening faster than you think!