Formerly Gay Man’s “Wife” Says Racism Is Totally Cool Now

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Formerly Gay Man's Wife
In a monotonous uninspiring and nasally voice with a condescending tone, the wife of a formerly gay man who went through conversion therapy and is now totally not gay any more, said she thinks that too many people are “afraid of being called racists“. The bigoted homophobic and self-aggrandizing “woman” went on to add several more statements that we’re simply too ignorant to remember. Something about liberals and Jesus. Anyway, she’s a nasty cunt. So fuck her and her ignorant bullshit.

Horseshit Direct From A Horse’s Mouth

This is typical horseshit right from a horse’s mouth. This once failed politician, reportedly not lesbian, still espouses ideas borrowed from the most ignorant and bigoted interpretations of the Bible any moron ever made up. It makes one wonder how in the world does “she” live with herself? Her husband can’t even accept who he really is? He has to reject it and play straight-boy for his wife? Sad. And she is sad. Her whole idea and outlook on the world is sad. Nobody can be who they are. Gays must be straight.  Muslims must be Christian. Blacks must be white. Liberals must die. Like Jesus did, I assume.

This Is How Ignorant Morons Get Attention

Nobody knows whether her hateful and ignorant statement is intended to evoke wide-open racism or whether she just wants to remind everyone of what a horrible person she is. Either way, it’s clear that she is anything but smart. Judging people by their color is stupid. For example, just because she is a stupid white person doesn’t mean that all white people are stupid. Trump supporters? Sure. They’re stupid. But overall the theory holds that skin color is a lame way to judge someone. But she’s the queen on lame, so racism makes sense to her.

Jesus Never Said This Stuff

It’s stunning to see this woman still espousing ideas that are the laced with antipathy for others. I’ve read The Bible. These ideas have nothing to do with The Bible. In fact, if she really followed The Bible she would sit the hell down and shut the hell up. She should be at home cooking for her husband, not out acting like a man and pretending she has balls. We have to presume that she is female even though she has never publicly confirmed that she is. Whatever she may be, she clearly needs to go back and study her scripture. Maybe get a new Bible. One without pictures.