What Is Lying? A Guide For Republicans And Other Children

What Is Lying?

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It’s been about six months since wonderboy took office and he’s has plenty of time to expose the reality of who he is. As if we didn’t already know that. Month after month and week after week, it becomes more evident that Donald Trump is in fact, nothing more than a liar. He did it constantly doing his campaign. Is Hillary in jail? Where’s the healthcare plan that covers everybody and lowers prices? No wall? No coal minors jobs? What happened to all the things that Trump voters were promised? Poof! They’re gone. And yet, it’s almost as if none of that is actually happening. His supporters STILL support him and STILL blame liberals for everything that isn’t happening. Even more bizarrely, they’re blaming Hillary and Obama again. Someone who was never president and someone who isn’t anymore are somehow to blame for Trump’s impotence. But I think it’s much more simple than that. It think the problem is straightforward and not evil at all. I think the problem is that Republicans don’t know how to recognize lies. They’re like a small child who trusts everything their parents say. Their party is their parents.

So, to help Republicans and other small children recognize when someone is lying, we’ve created this handy guide. It helps to explain lying, why people lie, and why you should suspect the motivations of anyone who refuses to be truthful or masks the truth. Even your own political party. Even your own mom and dad!

What Is A “Lie”?

Dictionary.com defines a lie as “a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; anintentional untruth; a falsehood.” So in essence, a lie is something someone made up in order to take the place of the truth. Instead of saying something that is based in fact, they say the lie. Like when a small child says “No. I did not use markers on the wall”, when you know for sure that the child did use markers on the wall when they wrote “Trump Is Doodoo!” in red marker pen. Even though their scrawlings are factually correct, you’re still upset about the marker and they knew you would be. So they lied and said “Nope. Not me”.

Why Do People Lie?

Think about that question and consider this. You’re a liar. You probably lie more than you even know. Like when you call in sick and you aren’t. Or when you tell your lover you did when you didn’t. Or the opposite. When you tell Jesus you love him and then go on to hate liberals. These are all lies that you use (and other people too) in every day life. We dismiss them as innocent, because they’re our lies. They create a false reality to benefit us and get us what we need. Like appearing to be Christian when the truth is that we actually value money and security above God.

How Can I Tell When Someone Is Lying?

That is a very good question. It’s a question that should always be in the forefront of your mind. And in reality, it’s not always possible to tell when someone is lying. Some people are very good at lying. And when someone enlists to help of other to support the lie, it can become very difficult to tell what the truth is. Take for example someone at work starts spreading a lie about you. You know how gossip works. People love to spread gossip. And once a few people in the office start talking about you and your drinking problem, you’ll know the power of lying. You might know what the truth is, but don’t alcoholics always deny their problems anyway? Congratulations, you wear a stigma now. Just because it benefited someone else.

The easiest way to recognize a lie is to examine the reality created by the lie and who benefits from it. For example, go back to the child who scrawls on the wall and then denies it. The lie and the beneficiary of the lie are obvious. Now, it might not be as clear when an adult does it because they are much more experienced in the craft and have had many opportunities to fail at lying and ultimately see what works. Adult lies tend to follow the same pattern though, so look for the benefit of the lie and who receives that benefit. When your boss says “Work hard and I’ll promote you”, that’s a lie. They are not being specific. When your wife says “No, I did no sleep with that neighbor”, she is not saying she didn’t sleep with any of the neighbors. Just that one. See the backdoor? See who gets the benefit of the doubt here?

Liars Distract And Lie About Others Lying

A well worn tactic of professional liars is to distract from their lies by lying about others lying. When asked about their lies, they’ll distract and say things like “Hillary should be in jail!” and “Barack Obama was born in Kenya” and “I’ll Make America Great Again”. When we are honest, we know that Hillary is not running a child prostitution ring out of a pizza parlor. That simply doesn’t make sense, but it does distract from the reality that the president is in bed with a foreign government to make billions of dollars on the largest oil deal in history. Whereas the first part, about Hillary, hangs in the air with no basis in fact or reason, the second part lands like a nuclear bomb when paired with what we see and hear everyday. It just makes sense. If you’re reasonable. Though you might to too Republican to be reasonable. That happens too.

Keep Your Eyes And Ears Open

Don’t let down your guard. The lie machine is running non-stop in the Whitehouse, in Congress, On Fox News and all over the A.M dial. The only way you will know what’s true is to stop listening to the sources of non-fact and listen to your heart instead. Do you really hate your liberal friends? Do you really think Donald Trump exemplifies Christian ideals as taught by Jesus? How come the Russians were your enemy for years and now it’s okay for them to distort your democracy? Stop being Republican first and start acting like an American who thinks. Stop blaming liberals, who aren’t even in charge, and start holding your own party accountable for some truth. Otherwise your childlike nature is going to destroy the America we love and send us into a regressive social reality we can never recover from without a revolution.




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