Baby Your A Rich Man Too!

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price took trips this month on a private jet for official business in lieu of commercial flights.

First of all, full disclosure here, I’ve always wondered how political types in D.C, and elsewhere can get by travelling on commercial aircraft. I’ve always marveled at pictures people post of someone like Bernie Sanders sitting in the middle seat on some coach flight, in and among the masses. so to speak. And I don’t mean campaign travel. I mean official business. But that’s the way it is in Washington and elsewhere. When you’re spending the public’s money, fiscal responsibility matters. At least it’s supposed to. But for our new administration, this presents a lifestyle problem. You see, Donald Trump drained the swamp and then refilled it with all his super rich crony friends. They’re not used to going on commercial airlines and would never consider sitting with the common people like you and me.

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People In Cults Seldom Realize They Are In One

Trump Is Like Jim Jones

Most people alive today will remember that on November 18, 1978, 918 people died in the settlement called Jonestown, Guyana. Nearly all of them ended their lives willingly by drinking a Koolaid laced with cyanide. The tragedy began with the assassination of United States Congressman Leo Ryan as he attempted to flee the settlement in fear of his life. It ended with the willing (and forced) suicides of nearly one thousand people. Few of us can understand why so many people would blindly follow a man all the way to their actual deaths, and yet without a doubt, this is exactly what happened at Jonestown.

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Roger Waters And The Politics Of Pink Floyd

Roger Waters At The TMobile Arena In Las Vegas

A friend recently posted a meme with Roger Waters in it, to which another friend replied “His politics are worse than Trump!”. Now, I know Roger Waters is not shy about his political views, but suffice it to say, I was a little caught off guard by that statement. If anything, Roger is a warrior against oppression, a humanitarian, and someone who believes war is failure. So how exactly is that worse than Donald Trump? So I said to the “worse than Trump” poster, I assume you are not a Pink Floyd fan then? Or maybe you liked the music but not the lyrics? He said “LOL! No, I’m a huge fan, I just don’t like Roger Waters’ personal politics”. Then he said “He compared Israel to Nazi Germany”!

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