Baby Your A Rich Man Too!

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First of all, full disclosure here, I’ve always wondered how political types in D.C, and elsewhere can get by travelling on commercial aircraft. I’ve always marveled at pictures people post of someone like Bernie Sanders sitting in the middle seat on some coach flight, in and among the masses. so to speak. And I don’t mean campaign travel. I mean official business. But that’s the way it is in Washington and elsewhere. When you’re spending the public’s money, fiscal responsibility matters. At least it’s supposed to. But for our new administration, this presents a lifestyle problem. You see, Donald Trump drained the swamp and then refilled it with all his super rich crony friends. They’re not used to going on commercial airlines and would never consider sitting with the common people like you and me.

Such is the case with our new Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price. Price, who was very critical of congress spending money on private jets, flew on private jets five times in a single week, costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars more than available commercial flights. Price defended his spending by saying that “convenient commercial flights were not available”. A quick check of his charter schedules compared with scheduled commercial flights at the time shows clearly this was not the case. In one instance, the difference between departure time for Tom’s private luxury jet and an available commercial airline flight was only two minutes.

It’s not surprising that Price sees fit to spend an obscene amount of money on himself. It’s what he’s used to and it’s the lifestyle that his boss lives as well. How much taxpayer money is spent on Trump and his wife, just to accommodate who they are? Endless trips to his resorts for official business. Endless expansion of security for his properties and his family. Endless money spent just to make sure that Trump and Company don’t have to experience how the common man lives every day. And this is the man, the team, the family, that says they are going to be the champions of the forgotten ones. Those die-hard Republicans who are sick of government money being wasted on liberal programs while they are left behind. I think it’s fair to say, that’s simply not going to happen.