Crying Nazi Does Not Like Being Called A Crying Nazi

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We all pick up nicknames along the way. Some are based on something we always do, something we like far too much, and sometimes the nickname is based on notable characteristics or something we are famous or infamous for. Such is the case for Christopher Cantwell, The Crying Nazi. Mr Cantwell earned the name when he posted a video on social media proclaiming that he was afraid he was going to be arrested, and then started to cry like a little boy who had lost his favorite ball. The video, which is very entertaining for people who understand and appreciate irony, was seen and shared widely, earning him the well deserved nickname “The Crying Nazi”.

People Are Mean To Nazis

Mr Cantwell is reportedly very upset about the name and doesn’t appreciate how mean people are. “One minute I’m a fucking white supremacist terrorist and the next minute I’m a fucking crybaby?” said Mr Cantwell. His profuse display of weeping like a little boy stands in stark contrast to the big man talk he shared with the Vice crew in their recent documentary of white supremacists. Back before he lost his balls, he called the killing of counter-protester Heather Heyer “more than justified” and said that “more people are going to die.” He probably didn’t include himself in that ignorant hateful gut wrenching spew, but suddenly he says he’s afraid now that he’s facing 20 years in prison.

Could Be Just A Crying White Supremacist

It is worth noting that there is no proof that Christopher Cantwell is a Nazi, although he is a self-proclaimed white supremacist. People often confuse the two, which is understandable given that both are equally ignorant, hateful and seldom have girlfriends or decent jobs. They like to blame all that on others. Because ignorance is ignorant.

Fun To Watch Nazis Cry

We look forward to watching how the law deals with The Crying Nazi. Will he cry in the stand? Will he continue to be his pussy-faced Nazi boy self in front of the law? Will he ever find a date? Or will he ever find a job now that he’s known as The Crying Nazi? We will all have to wait and see. Whatever happens, it will be fun to watch. Because watching Nazis cry is just awesome.