Ex-Actor Mega Christian, John Schneider, Calls For Biden’s Death

“Mr President, I believe you are guilty of treason and should be publicly hung,” - John Schneider

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Sanctimonious self-absorbed ex-actor John Schneider calls for President Biden’s death for something he imagines is happening, by saying…

“Mr President, I believe you are guilty of treason and should be publicly hung,” Schneider wrote to Biden. “Your son too.”


Anyone with a working brain knows that threatening the president is a federal crime, and so the Christian creep is under investigation by The Secret Service. What makes matters worse for this loser’s credibility, is that he denied he had called for his death, and then deleted the tweet.


It’s an amazing time for Christianity in the United States. Assholes like John have confused their pathetic beliefs with patriotism, white supremacy, and believing in lies wholesale. It’s a sad time for America too, that people like this feel entitled to spew garbage like fucking robots pre-programmed to vomit lies.


John will play the victim card here, and blame everyone else for misunderstanding him instead of being accountable and apologizing like an actual Christian would. Don’t count on it. He’s an entitled fuckface.


And, as if to add even more stupidity to his insanely violent ideas, he adds that Hunter Biden should also be hung. Though he wasn’t kind enough to add what Hunter did that deserves death.


Jesus Fucking Christ, John! What in the literal fuck is wrong with you??? Please do America a favor. Go back into your cave and shut your ignorant mouth. 

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