Steven Seagal: Yet Another Terrible Actor Becomes A Political Moron

Steven Seagal is a name that's synonymous with lame-ass action movies, but in recent years, he's made a name for himself in a different arena: politics.

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Steven Seagal is a name that’s synonymous with lame-ass action movies and an over-inflated Ego, but like many has-been terrible actors, in recent years, he’s made a name for himself in a different arena: politics. Like an idiot, Seagal has been vocal about his support for Russia and President Vladimir Putin, and his views on Ukraine and America have raised more than a few eyebrows.


Seagal’s Views on Russia: A Love Affair?

Seagal’s love affair with Russia is well-documented. He’s been spotted wearing a T-shirt with Putin’s face on it, and he’s even become a citizen of the country. But why the love for Mother Russia? Some speculate that Seagal’s business interests in the country have something to do with it, but others say that he genuinely believes in Putin’s leadership. But in contrast, Steven loves anyone who pays him a compliment. ANYONE!


Seagal’s Views on America: A Nation Divided

Seagal’s views on America are perhaps even more controversial than his views on Russia. He’s been critical of the government and the media, and he’s expressed support for controversial figures like former President Donald Trump, who shares the same affliction of an insatiable Ego. Some see Seagal as a voice for the disenfranchised, while others see him as a threat to democracy. In truth, he’s just an idiot and only out for himself.


Seagal’s Views on Ukraine: The Elephant in the Room

Seagal’s views on Ukraine are perhaps the most divisive of all. He’s been vocal about his support for the Russian annexation of Crimea, and he’s even gone so far as to call the Ukrainian government “fascist.” These views have earned him plenty of criticism from both sides of the political spectrum.


Photo by: Gage Skidmore