What Is Lying? A Guide For Republicans And Other Children

What Is Lying?

It’s been about six months since wonderboy took office and he’s has plenty of time to expose the reality of who he is. As if we didn’t already know that. Month after month and week after week, it becomes more evident that Donald Trump is in fact, nothing more than a liar. He did it constantly doing his campaign. Is Hillary in jail? Where’s the healthcare plan that covers everybody and lowers prices? No wall? No coal minors jobs? What happened to all the things that Trump voters were promised? Poof! They’re gone. And yet, it’s almost as if none of that is actually happening. His supporters STILL support him and STILL blame liberals for everything that isn’t happening. Even more bizarrely, they’re blaming Hillary and Obama again. Someone who was never president and someone who isn’t anymore are somehow to blame for Trump’s impotence. But I think it’s much more simple than that. It think the problem is straightforward and not evil at all. I think the problem is that Republicans don’t know how to recognize lies. They’re like a small child who trusts everything their parents say. Their party is their parents.

So, to help Republicans and other small children recognize when someone is lying, we’ve created this handy guide. It helps to explain lying, why people lie, and why you should suspect the motivations of anyone who refuses to be truthful or masks the truth. Even your own political party. Even your own mom and dad!

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GOP “Pro-life” Party Trying Desperately To Kill Off Those In Need

Not Even Human was the name we chose for this blog in the wake of Donald Trump Jr’s assertion that those who oppose his father “Aren’t even people”. “Not Even Human” describes the way we feel as people who don’t matter to the Republican establishment. It’s an excellent name for a blog that outlines how the GOP acts towards poor people and liberals in general. We’re not people. We’re not even human. How can we say that? Because it’s the only way you can explain how the GOP can promote a healthcare plan that literally kills people and call it an “improvement”.

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