Words That Astonish

These Are Not Actual Human Beings Marching Against Donald Trump

I’ve known about politics for a long time. I understand the point of politicking is to sway minds and votes in one direction or another. To me it’s always seemed like the highest form of lying, if there is such a thing. We all know that politics is practically little more than made up realities and ideals. But at least in my own lifetime, I’ve never experienced the kind of political rhetoric we see today. It’s one thing to say “Bill Clinton is a lying cheating womanizer!”. It’s quite another when the words castigate races of people or entire political groups. Words like those are not only intended to sway votes, they are intended to divide people against each other. By dividing people, it becomes easier to manipulate and control them. Control is the end game for our current administration and for his very supportive congress.

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